//Lidox Credit, get 3,000 Rubles (40$) for free

Lidox Credit, get 3,000 Rubles (40$) for free

Lidox Credit is a modern alternative to bank loans and credit cards, an online loan service, where the client does not need to collect a large package of documents, and the borrower’s solvency check is determined by calculating social status and social ties.
The service works on the principle of P2P lending, this means issuing and receiving loans by individuals directly, without using traditional banks and microcredit organizations as an intermediary, in other words, the user (individual) acts as a lender, and the other user (individual) acts as the borrower.

How to make money in Lidox:
1- Issue microloans with a high interest rate, so you will receive a monthly profit of up to 90% of the amount given to the borrower.
2 – Participate in the affiliate program and receive referral deductions from the profit of loans issued by your partners.

What would you get on signup ?
After registration, your balance would be 10 rubles, as Lidox is guided by the concept of “You can’t give an empty wallet”, the funds on the balance after registration are a gift from Lidox, you can use it at your discretion, and you will also receive a profit several times a day on this balance.

But the real profitable part begins when you invite referrals. The registration of the first 3 referrals would add 3,000 rubles to your Credit account, and for each subsequent referral you receive 100 rubles to your credit account. The credit account limit is 300,000 rubles. The system also accrues bonuses from the investments of your referrals according to the two-level program of 12% and 3%.

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