//MAIAR Early Access

MAIAR Early Access

Maiar is a digital wallet and global payments app that allows you to exchange and securely store money on your mobile phone. You can use Maiar to send and receive money near-instantly, to and from anyone around the world by just using a phone number or herotag.

The Maiar wallet is completely decentralised and non-custodial. It doesn’t store or have access to the user’s funds at any time. The user owns the private key and has full control over their funds.
Maiar is Powered by Elrond; Elrond is an internet-scale blockchain for fast, secure digital payments. Elrond Gold (eGLD) is the native currency of the Elrond blockchain, that you can send, spend and stake using Maiar.

50k+ users are already on the waiting list.
Be part of this awesome journey. A new wave of passionate people gets access to Maiar each week.